Thursday, December 18, 2008

Spinvox Humans - Tenzing

It was interesting to stumble across a call center's employee website that had some posts from agents working for spinvox transcribing messages. Wait .. what's with the D2 brain they have on the website? .. here's some of what was posted on the site:

when you're siting home all by your self in your cozy lil chair by your desk, and dont feel like talking to anyone at all.. or when you're in a meeting and dont have time for any voice messages..... Dat's when we spinvoxers come to the rescue!!!

when you find a text full of weird crap and underscores and phonatic marks and it totally makes no sense.....
thats us, its always us doing our best, getting fucked up, struggling to recognize deformed accents and grammer mistakes so you can always get the flawless voice to text service 8)

we work behind the scenes...we are the invisible hereos... we are Tenzing... we are unknown and they deny our existance !!
but we're okay with it !!
cuz we are noble, and we get paid of course=P

check how great we are and how amazing our effect on people is...
raise your self-esteem =D
"This is the greatest service since vaccination. I am totally hooked and my life is changed. It is truly awesome!"
Mike Landman, CEO, Ripple

"SpinVox is excellent and a really cool service. I believe it's invaluable to the business user."
Will Findlater, News Editor, Stuff

"SpinVox provides a really simple and powerful way for us to interact with our audience and the possibilities are limitless."
James Walden, Digital Development Director, Magic FM

rock on m/ 3 cheers for us!!!

just think of all the liv... appointments that you saved everyday from being forgotten
think of the time that u help business owners save so they can make more and more money...
think of how you make the economy prosper by just sitting on your arse all day doing nothing but typing, typing , typing and listening and driving...
yeah driving!!
i mean aint these foot pedals make u feel like u're driving a car, not sitting on a desk on ur PC ??

we will also discuss the severe symptoms and the way of treatment for the " O.S.D"
and the "P.S.S"
A.K.A>> obsessive spinvox disorder .. and post spinvox syndrome.