Monday, August 25, 2008

Nuance is made of people.

Here I thought Nuance was entirely a software only voice recognition application and come to find they have 3000 transcribers working for them. Here's a link to an April 2008 press release:

“The Nuance Voicemail to Text Service integrates speech technology with over 3,000 Nuance transcriptionists, hosted in a Nuance-owned facility, with proven security, scalability, and reliability.”

So it looks like even the giant in the voice recognition field needs a little human help to increase accuracy.

Friday, August 22, 2008

List of all voicemail transcription companies

I figure we'd start this blog off with providing a list of all companies that offer this service. For those of you not familiar with this, voicemail transcription is when someone leaves you a voicemail message and then it gets converted to text format so you can read it. For you "Four hour work week" people and productivity nuts, this is definitely a time saver.

In Alphabetical order:

Serviceprice per month/#of messages
Callwave$14.95 for 40
$24.95 for 200
$49.95 for 500
Gotvoice$4.95 for 20
$9.95 for 40
$24.95 for 100
Phonetag$9.95 for 40
$29.95 unlimited
Phonewire$19 for 90
$29 for 200
$69 for 400
$299 for 1000
Quicktate$3.50 for 10
$7.50 for 25
$12.50 for 50
$19.95 for 100
$29.95 for 200
Spinvox£3.00 for 10
£5.00 for 20
£9.99 for 50
VoiceCloud$9.95 for 50
$19.95 for unlimited

The above list are companies that integrate with your cell phone's voicemail system.
We're starting to see VOIP and other voicemail companies jump in on this

Vonage25 cents per message
Onebox$29.95 unlimited